A stray dog stole a pig from city council barbeque

The episode took place at Saturday noon, when the stray dog took advantage to get hold of the tasty loot

According to Diario Rio Negro, a group of Argentine town councilors of a city in Patagonia region gathered to celebrate Labor Day without knowing that a dog was going to intervene to spoil the party because she stole the pig they were going to eat.

Whilst they were distracted, a dog stole the pig the town councillors were going to eat. The gathering started without knowing a dog was going to spoil the party by stealing the pig. Finally, the local councils could recover the pig and resumed the traditional barbeque (asado).

However, local media also reported that the City Council declared the whole incident to be fake news and denied any involvement in this situation. The media continued to report the news, for example see here.

The animals are not to be held liable, according to Argentine law, but the owner of the animal is responsible in civil matters, for the damages it may cause. However, in this case and since it is a stray dog, nobody can be held accountable.

The photo of the dog with the pig went viral, and became the meme of the weekend there were all kinds of comments, especially in favor of the animal and not the councilors


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