Vegan meals mandatory in every restaurant

A bill was files in order to promote this kind of food or that people who do not eat animal derivatives can have options in each restaurant

A new bill of the City of Buenos Aires proposes incorporating vegan food, on a mandatory basis, in every restaurant. This new bill will be debated.

The suggested bill says that «the private gastronomic establishments of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires must incorporate vegan food into their gastronomic offer for each section of the menu or list of gastronomic offer that they have.»

The project proposes the gradual incorporation, in a one-year term, with tax incentives, after which it will be mandatory in every restaurant, including fast food and chains.

The intention is to respect ethical and individual food decisions, as well as to promote this type of production: “… in order to maximize the benefits of vegan meals, it also promotes agroecological and organic production of fruits and vegetables”.

The norm would also cover food houses of all kinds, including fast food or fast food that must offer a vegan alternative at a market price. The norm says:

The vegan food offered in the gastronomic establishments must not exceed the average price of its non-vegan equivalent existing in each section of the menu or list of gastronomic offer that they have.

The bill adds that this type of production has benefits for health, the environment and against climate change by not using pesticides and having a close care of the ecosystems and soils.

The bill purports to guarantee every person the right to eat in accordance with his or her ethical decisions and to incorporate those healthy menus, for locals and tourists.


Comida vegana por ley en todo restaurante

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