His brother was stabbed because he dipped the bread in the stew

The mother of the wounded man stated that at a certain moment her son took a piece of bread and "dipped it in the stew" that the cook - aged 21 - was preparing, which sparked an argument

His brother has been preparing a stew or a pasta sauce at their home kitchen. He took a piece of bread and dipped it inside the pan to try it.

Apparently, this sparked a discussion and after the verbal attacks between the brothers, the chef took a knife and wounded the other, causing an injury in the left abdominal area.

The victim was taken to the local hospital where he underwent surgery. The facts took place in the Tarapaya neighborhood, Santiago del Estero province, Argentina.

The young man ended seriously stabbed and admitted to the Regional Hospital, after noon yesterday, according to the police.

While the victim was being assisted, the police men interviewed his mother – a 47-year-old woman – who said that the violent event occurred while the wounded man was in the kitchen of his house, along with her sister, who was making the meal.

Because of the injury, the victim fell to the ground and there he was helped by his mother, who took him urgently to the Independencia hospital.

At the Dr. Ramón Carrillo hospital, the victim  was examined had to undergo surgery due to the severity of the wound.

Of course, the cook has the right to repel any undesired interference in the kitchen, and to have his or her preparations tested, but never to commit a crime or cause injuries, so justice is already involved.

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