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Winning lottery brings more friends, scientists discover

The research focused on determining the impact of greater purchasing power on human relationships and friendship

A new scientific study examines the causal effect of positive income impacts on friendships. The study took placer in Vietnam.

The scientific work measured the impact of income from lottery prizes of respondents, controlling spending on the lottery.

This scientific study showed that having money increases the number of friends. The scientific work was developed by a researcher from the International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Viet Nam.

In his report, they concluded that there is a positive impact that lottery winnings match on the number of friends.

In fact, it was scientifically proven that people tend to increase the number of their friends who are not colleagues and of many years, rather than the number of friends between colleagues or new friends. According to the paper:

We find a positive effect from lottery winnings on the number of friends. People tend to increase the number of their non-colleague and long-term friends, rather than the number of friends among colleagues or new friends

The elasticity of the number of friends with respect to the lottery winnings is estimated at 0.05%, that is, the impact of the winnings on the number of friends.

Therefore, according to the estimate, the revenue impact required to buy an additional friend is almost $ 5,000.

The scientific study is published in the European Economic Review, Volume 136 of 2021, 103747. The original title in English is “Can money buy friends? Evidence from a natural experiment ”, by Cuong VietNguyen.

A similar topic was analyzed at the time regarding international relations, between countries, the results of which can be seen in the respective paper.


Impact on neighbors

In another scientific study, the effect of lottery winners on their neighbors was analyzed. Each week, the Dutch Postal Code Lottery (PCL) randomly selects a postal code and distributes cash and a new BMW to lottery participants in that code.

We study the effects on lottery winners and their neighbors. According to the hypothesis, the consumption effects of the winners are largely limited to automobiles and other durable goods. According to the theory of in-kind transfers, the vast majority of BMW winners liquidate their cars.

“However, we did detect substantial social effects of lottery winnings: non-participants who live next door to winners have significantly higher levels of car consumption than other non-participants (source).

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