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Heavy Metal Day, according to a proposed bill

A bill drafted in Chaco will pay tribute to notorious metal bands

This is the bill text, which reads as follows:



Article 1: May 16 of each year is established as the «Provincial Day
of Heavy Metal”.

Article 2: Purpose: This date is intended to institute a day of celebration
for this musical genre, keeping a special relationship with one of the
most legendary and influential artists, internationally recognized who has
Given this cultural style, Mr. Ronnie James Dio.

Article 3: This date is instituted in homage to the day of the death of the
singer Ronnie James Dio, who during his lifetime made a great cultural contribution to the
HeavyMetal; it occurred on May 16, 2010 at the age of
67 years old

Article 4: The Provincial Executive Power through the Institute of Culture of the
Chaco will promote the development of allusive activities aimed at
knowledge and development of this musical genre in order that the
society can participate in different festivals or talks regarding the Heavy
Metal. As well as establishing different recognitions for the
local bands.

Article 5: Scope of Application: This Law will be applicable throughout the
territory of the Province of Chaco.

Article 6: Application Authority: It will be the Authority that applies and makes
comply with this Law the Institute of Culture of the Chaco and/or whoever considers
executive power is necessary.

Article 7: Budget: Expenses required by the application of this Law
charged to the budget item corresponding to the Institute of Culture
of the Chaco.

Article 8: Regulation: The Executive Branch shall regulate the
this law within a maximum period of ninety (90) days from the date of
sanction and enactment.

Article 9: Register and contact the Executive Power.



The purpose of this bill is to establish at the provincial level on the 16th of
May of each year as Heavy Metal Day, in honor of one of the
artists who made the most contribution to the musical genre, who died on that date.
This style arose as a derivation of hard rock, which is characterized by its
strong and repetitive rhythm and because it is played energetically, at a very high volume.
loud and often distorting the sound.
Radical variety of heavy, in which power is especially important
sound and the metallic sound of electrical instruments.
Heavy metal, or simply metal in Spanish literally translated as
«Heavy metal» is a musical genre that was born in the late sixties
and early 1970s in the UK and also in the US
States, whose origins come from blues rock, hard rock and rock
psychedelic. It is mainly characterized by its strong guitars and
distorted, emphatic rhythms, bass and drum sounds are more
dense than usual and the voice is generally high-pitched or guttural.

Until today there is no precise consensus that defines what was the
first heavy metal band, some mention Led Zeppelin and Deep
Purple, while others leave that seat exclusively to Black Sabbath.
«At that time, in the late 1960s and early 1970s,
Many bands emerged that, although they did not have the media impact of the
mentioned above, were also of great contribution to the birth of the
genre such as Blue Cheer, Blue Öyster Cult, Sir Lord Baltimore, Budgie, UFO and
Wishbone Ash; later groups like Scorpions,
Rainbow, Judas Priest (the latter introduced the combination of double
kick drum with fast 16th note bass and guitar rhythms, and removed the
latest blues influences) and Motörhead (who included some
elements of punk rock, giving a new emphasis to aggressiveness and
speed). In the second half of the seventies and at the height of punk
came the New Wave of British heavy metal (commonly abbreviated as
NWOBHM) led by Iron Maiden, Saxon and Def Leppard and of which
included the very influential ex post Venom, which gave a new value to the
gender leading to the birth of a subsequent subculture on both sides
of the Atlantic (with the NWOBHM notably influencing the emergence of
new American bands like Manowar, Savatage or Queensrÿche to
end of that decade).
With the arrival of the 1980s, the first
metal subgenres; on the one hand, glam metal (led by bands
such as Europe, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, W.A.S.P., Whitesnake or Mötley Crue) that
led the sales and music charts of the main markets and for the
another the extreme metal that came from the underground scene. From the last batch
thrash metal emerged with wide popularity led by the so-called
American «Big Four» (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) and with
an important repercussion in Germany (emerging bands like Kreator,
Sodom, Destruction or Tankard). However, in the decade that followed
commercial success waned in the face of the rise of new alternative sounds not
typical of metal, although in continental Europe, Japan and Latin America

continued to be popular and subgenres such as power
metal (highlighting bands like Helloween, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray,
Stratovarius and Rhapsody), just as they arose and resisted
commercially globally other new subgenres, such as groove
(Panther). At the end of that decade even more extreme genres emerged,
such as death metal and black metal, which had a boom at the beginning of the
nineties decade.
When the new millennium arrived, there were already an infinity of subgenres, each one
with specific characteristics and with influences from other styles such as
classical music, industrial music, funk and rap, for example, which have
expanded the definition of metal to the present day. In turn, his
popularity has increased in recent years mainly in
Europe, United States, Latin America and Japan. Metal music has a
more favorable acceptance in the Nordic countries than in other regions
due to the social and political openness in these regions;7″ especially
Finland has often been called the «Promised Land of Heavy Metal»,
because today there are more than 50 metal bands for every 100,000
inhabitants, more than any other nation in the world.
From the beginning, heavy metal was characterized by having strong guitars.
and distorted, along with emphatic rhythms. The sounds of bass and drums
they are denser than usual and the voices are generally high-pitched. With the
pass the years and with the emergence of its subgenres said
features were emphasized, altered, or omitted, and even in certain
Sometimes new attributes were added.
The typical band lineup consists of a drummer, a bassist, a
lead guitarist, a rhythm guitarist and a singer who can sometimes
be an instrumentalist You can also include a keyboardist to thicken the sound
in live concerts or studio productions, without this being
necessarily an active member of the group.
The electric guitar and the power it projects through amplification has
historically been the key element of the genre, whose sound comes from a

combined use of high volumes and heavy distortion. throughout the
years guitarists have innovated in the techniques and effect

s that produces the
instrument. In addition, the riff, the power chord and especially the
just that they define a song and the subgenre in which it is performed.
The guitarist also plays an important role in heavy metal than in
occasions provokes a friendly tension with the vocalist, to define who
is the frontman of a group.
Another important element is the voice, the tone is much more
important than the lyrics of the songs. The voice was characterized in a
principle for being sharp, with a great use of vibrato and an enormous amplitude of
eighths. Some of the singers who meet these factors are Ian
Gillan from Deep Purple, Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, Klaus Meine from
Scorpions and the late Ronnie James Dio, for example. Another of the techniques
that is used and that not all singers have is the falsetto, some of
they have a perfect mastery of this technique without affecting their voice as per
example Rob Halford of Judas Priest and King Diamond. With the passing of
years some vocalists used a rougher tone and further away from the
sharpness of the genre. One of the first was Lemmy Kilmister from
Motörhead, which included a scratchy voice and was a key point in the
later singers of thrash metal, death metal and black metal. These will
characterized by having a guttural voice; a technique that uses serious sounds,
similar to grunts and that sometimes causes a difficult understanding of
The lyrics of their songs. Even though metal voices are
mainly male, women have also entered the
genre as is the case of Kim McAuliffe from Girlschool and the German Doro,
Considered the queen of heavy metal.
Dr. Weinstein argues that heavy metal has outlived many
other genres of rock, largely due to the emergence of an extensive
mostly male subculture. She in her own words: “This is just
tolerant of those who follow their dress codes, appearance and
behavior”, besides it is not only strengthened by going to a concert and

share certain elements in fashion, but also metal magazines and
lately web pages. She in turn she defines that the heavy metal scene
establishes its own code of authenticity, which places various demands on the
artists: “They must be completely dedicated to their music and loyal to the
subculture that supports them, they must be disinterested in the radios or the
called mainstream and should never be sold.
For the musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie affirms that metal is «music of
outside for outside children.”
For their part, some scholars of the subject affirm that: There is a tendency
on the part of the fans to classify and reject some artists, and in certain
cases to other followers. It is also typical of fans to consider
poseros to those who claim to be part of the subculture, but who lack
authenticity and sincerity.
For all this, every May 16 rock lovers have a very
special. Millions of people gather around the world to celebrate
World Heavy Metal Day.
This event arose in 2011 at the initiative of fans and musicians of Metal or
Heavy Metal, in honor of one of the greatest exponents of this genre
musical: the legendary Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010).
Italian-American vocalist consecrated as the godfather of Heavy Metal, due to
to his wonderful voice and his ability to reach low and high tones. He was
the leading voice of bands like Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Elf, Dio and Heaven&Hell.
The choice of the date of celebration of this world day is related
with the death of Dio, which occurred on May 16, 2010. For this
moment of rock Madam President is that it seemed right to us to establish
this international situation to honor Heavy Metal in our
He is credited with the super famous rock sign (hand in the form of horns
or maloik) used in Heavy Metal, with the fist of the hand and the
index and little fingers raised, inherited by a superstition from his

Italian grandmother. She used this gestural mantra to ward off bad guys
For all the above, Madam President, is that she requested the accompaniment of
this Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Chaco in the
approval of this legislative initiative.

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