Company sells jeans that makes you look wet

Wet Look, Dry Feel is their motto of the new denim that represent the ultimate fashion trend. This is not The Onion

“Celebrities, influencers and everyday individuals alike are feigning incontinence in search of the “wet pants” look”, te company says.

It seems that the latest denim “trend” is manufactured by a company based out of New York that has come up with the idea: a jean that makes the person who wears it  look like they’ve had an urinary accident.

“Here at Wet Pants Denim, we’re delivering an identical style without the need to feel uncomfortable. Our jeans are individually procured for each order and hand-dyed, ensuring that every pair is one-of-a-kind. We also make hats”, they claim.

The store is serious. They sell pants with a wet look. The point is that “there are two key issues with the traditional urinary incontinence aesthetic:

-Wearing wet pants is uncomfortable

-When the wet mark dries or the garment is washed, the stain is almost always gone for good

Wet Pants Denim was created to produce jeans that solve both of these issues. As such, we are providing comfort and permanence to a market that is completely overlooked by traditional fashion houses”.

It has even an Instagram Page and a website where you can buy those jeans with the wet look and go around across Manhattan or Buenos Aires with this fashionable pants!



Pisscoin and bring your own pant

​The jeans can be paid with PissCoin, a sort of cryptocurrency. Functionally, PissCoin operates like a gift card denoted by product rather than a dollar value.

PissCoin by Wet Pants Denim (“PissCoin”), the world’s first cryptocurrency* developed for the sole purpose of facilitating the purchase of jeans designed to simulate the look of authentic urinary incontinence, is a revolutionary breakthrough in digital retail currency. PissCoin’s value is fixed to the price of our new jeans and can be purchased via inquiry below.

The company even offers to bring your own pant to personalise it and makes it seem wet. “We know our pricing isn’t possible for everyone, and that you may not need an entirely new pair of jeans. In an effort to reach a wider customer base and do our part to reduce textile pollution, we’re happy to provide our iconic aesthetic on a pair of jeans that you already own”.



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