Fashion attack, a DIY project with growing popularity

Derecho En Zapatillas interviews Micol Zanzuri, blogger at Fashion Attack


-Fashion Attack, that’s a very impactful name. Please tell us a little bit about your company and how it all started.

It all started as a game. I have been transforming my clothes for as long as I can remember. When I was in my teens I had an outfit blog and people were always asking, where did I get my clothing, but most of the time I had made it and transformed it myself and the readers felt left out.

Sooooo one day i thought: why not show how to make these transformations? Fashion Attack was born under easy terms; No expensive equipment, no complicated stuff, a lot of laughter and suuuuuuper simplified step by step videos.

I wanted for whoever stumbled upon my videos to be able to make catwalk and fashionable items in their own living room.
The first videos went viral and BOOM! Out of nowhere i was doing DIY tutorials for SKY Italy and Grazia magazine. It was so much fun!


-What is your mission? Is it related to aspirational marketing?

BIG FAT YES! Hehehe!

I really want people to take fashion and design less seriously. I put in my videos all the mistakes I make along the way and I never even try it out before filming. It’s not about having a perfect final result, it’s about having unique pieces and how to “rock them”.

I want everyone to have fun with their own look and especially to enjoy the process of making their own favorite items.
It is so so so satisfying when somebody asks you; “where did you get it?” and you made with your own hands!


-How do you view the global fashion industry?

Since forever, magazine and high street brands dictated the “laws of style” and the streets followed. In the last few years everything has changed…

The streets come out with new ideas and the designers seem to adapt to it. It is an absolute revolution where anybody can wear style and create a new trend. Social media has shown us so many fresh and cool ideas spreading virally over countries and coming up out of nowhere.


-I really like your DIY initiative! Looking on your Instagram page I can see that you are very hands on and creative: you have made your own $3 Alexander Wang inspired T-shirt and a Stella McCartney bag among other items. Why is DIY (doing it yourself) so important to you?

BECAUSE IT IS AWESOMEEEEE! Heheheheh you have no idea how often I get pictures of girls who have made such incredible bags, shoes, sunglasses inspired by my tutorials and these are individuals who up till that point had never used a needle and thread before!

Everyone has different bodies, different budgets, different styles.. And DIY provides the option for everyone to look amazing.

-Is it important to keep costs low for consumers?

It is very important to me to not use complicated and professional equipment. But I do not go DIY in order to make everything cheap, spending very little money is an option and I always put links for different options of materials you can use.

But if you decide to make “my bag” using a super fancy $200 fabric or a $5 one, both of which are linked in the video, that is totally up to you.

-I spotted on your Instagram a vegan leather jacket. What do you think of sustainable and ethical fashion and embracing second-hand clothing?

I used leather in a few of my tutorials so i can not say that Fashion Attack is absolutely environmentally friendly. But I do try my best to always use second hand clothes, old jackets and t-shirts you can find in your closet and when we do an item starting from fabric, I always give the leather and the vegan option in the same tutorial.


-You are also creative in the world of interior design. Are the industries of fashion and interior design similar? What sort of new products are you creating at the moment?

YES YES YES. I believe it’s the same thing. I studied fashion design and I ended up being an interior designer. Ha!
I always tell my clients I learned how to dress a body and now I enjoy dressing up rooms 🙂

The next videos are gonna be how to build a SUPER cool velvet headboard that is totally gonna upgrade your bedroom and soon after that I decided that I am gonna challenge myself with a much requested video, put a timer on and see if it’s possible to make a high-end bag in less than 10 minutes. I´m super excited about this challenge.


-What inspires you? Catwalk, magazines, people watching, films or your imagination? How do you reinvent your styles, looks and products?

I love people, I think people watching is the best fashion show you could ever stumble upon. I learned that keeping your eyes open gives me the most inspiration, once you have your head switched on, it becomes very easy to spot styles whilst walking down the street, or watching a movie but if I find myself short of an idea I simply go for a “virtual shopping” spin and look for items I would love to try ro remake.


-Are consumers different across the world? Do you change your designs to cater to different retail markets?

Not really, I change according to the specific taste and needs of the client, I never connected it to the country itself.


-How helpful are social network platforms in helping you establish your brand and sell products?

Super helpful! It all starts and finishes on social networks, I had some amazing collaborations with magazines and brands but if it wasn’t for Youtube and social media they would have never known about me in the first place. Plus the best part of all this is connecting with people and that couldn’t happen otherwise. I am in direct contact with my incredible DIY gang.


-Have you analysed the trademark issue? As a lawyer I think that there is no trouble so long as you don’t use the trademark in any design, but what happens with the clothes, are the designs somehow protected?

Very good question! People ask me about that all the time. It is a Do It Yourself channel, not a store and in no way do I try to pretend that what I am making is the original piece.

All I do is show cool people around the world how to make their own clothing and furniture and yes, many times we get inspired by catwalks or designers but it is very clearly stated that I am not making the original piece.


-With 33 thousand followers on your Instagram account, you have certainly acquired a great fanbase. Do you have any strategies or tips for our listeners?

Be real! Don’t try to be perfect; only showing a rainbow world. I constantly show all the goofy moments behind a beautifully designed living room or a stunning DIY stiletto pump.

I think that makes me more relatable and it’s easier to follow me and see me as the funny girl next door.







With the collaboratio of Jenny Moule

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